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Terms & conditions

1.0 General

1.1 These terms and conditions of business apply to the services provided by Eagle Inventory Services, an independent property inventory company and service supplier to the property lettings market to any instructing principal and/or client. The commissioning of Eagle Inventory Services by any instructing principal on behalf of their client, the client or the clients legal representative is deemed to be in agreement with these terms and conditions.

2.0 Provision of services

2.1 If the client appoints an instructing principle as their representative to commission Eagle Inventory Services for any type of service, it is the responsibility of the instructing principle and not that of Eagle Inventory Services to make the client aware of these terms and conditions of business.
2.2 Eagle Inventory Services do not accept or recognise a plea of ignorance by either the instructing principal or that of the client.

3.0 Fees

3.1 It is the responsibility of the instructing principle commissioning services to pay all fees for services rendered to or on behalf of the client in accordance with the scale of fees.
3.2 An instructing principal shall pay all fees due as the result of services provided within the period agreed and stated on the presented invoice.
3.3 If the client is not represented by an instructing principle the client will pay all fees due prior to or at the date and time the services are to take place, failure to do so will result in the services not taking place.
3.4 Up to 30-days credit, from the date the service takes place, may be applied at the discretion of Eagle Inventory Services providing all fees are settled upon presentation of invoice. Such an arrangement can be withdrawn at any time for whatever reason. Eagle Inventory Services reserves the right to apply interest charges for the late payment of any fees overdue for more than fourteen working days after the period stated on the presented invoice, at a rate of 5% net which will be added monthly.
3.5 In the event an Eagle Inventory Services representative attends an appointment as commissioned by an instructing principle and/or client and the service cannot be carried out, whether or not this is due to circumstances beyond the instructing principle and/or client control, Eagle Inventory Services reserve the right to charge an abortive fee at a maximum rate of 50% of the full invoice amount.
3.6 In the event any discrepancy caused by the instructing principal and/or the client, resulting in the service needing to be carried out again, the second or ‘new’ appointment will be treated completely separate to the prior and therefore charged at full cost.
3.7 All reports generated by Eagle Inventory Services and delivered via any type of medium remain the sole property of Eagle Inventory Services until all fees are paid in full.
3.8 The completed inventory will be sent to the instructing party in PDF format by email. Word documents and hard copies will not be provided and are not included in the fee.

4.0 Disputes and Complaints

4.1 Any circumstances allegedly giving cause for complaint about the services or invoice for services provided by Eagle Inventory Services must be notified by the client and/or instructing principle on behalf of the client within 5 working days of the services being completed and/or before any tenancy deposit/bond is returned to the tenant.
4.2 Eagle Inventory Services does not accept any responsibility for any error or omission of data within a report.
4.3 In the event of a dispute between clients and all fees have not been paid in full, any reports delivered by Eagle Inventory Services, remain the sole property of Eagle Inventory Services and therefore cannot be used in any way without written permission.
4.4 Eagle Inventory Services reserves the right not to attend court for any dispute arising out of a dilapidation assessment between clients if an Eagle Inventory Services representative did not attend the original check-in appointment or sign on behalf of the client.